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Mark Andrews, P. Eng
Mark is the founder and Chief Consulting Engineer of with over thirty-five years of consulting engineering experience in the field of municipal infrastructure. He is an expert in linear asset management and sewer operations with particular experience managing and directing multi-year sewer infrastructure programs. Mark has been responsible for project delivery to municipal, institutional, and private sector clients across Canada and overseas. In addition to specific expertise in asset planning, performance evaluation, and sewer rehabilitation, Mark has experience in project planning, detailed design, operations engineering, and contract administration.

Xianheng (Cloud) Zhang, P.Eng
Cloud is a Professional Engineer with extensive experience in the planning and management of large-scale multi-year inspection, condition assessment and rehabilitation planning programs. He also specializes in developing, maintaining, and updating maintenance hole (MH) and sewer inspection condition assessment databases and asset management systems. Utilizing his advanced skills in data management software packages, SQL, and VBA programming, he provides comprehensive and multifaceted data systems with highly automated processes and integrated validation applications. Cloud is highly knowledgeable of condition assessment standards and is familiar with various trenchless rehabilitation technologies for sewer infrastructure.
Siang (Ted) Li, P.Eng
Ted is experienced in database management, technical reporting, and co-ordination of sewer and maintenance hole inspections with field members. He has proven experience developing and maintaining municipal sewer network inventory and inspection geodatabase using ESRI and Innovyze asset management platforms. Ted has been highly involved in a variety of the technical aspects of projects for municipal clients across the GTA including storm and sanitary sewer mapping, inspection, condition assessment, and rehabilitation planning.

Michael Yuen, P.Eng
Michael is experienced in preparing technical reports, performing condition assessments, and conducting data analysis related to a wide range of infrastructure projects. He co-ordinates contractors, sub-contractors, and consultants and plays a key role in the planning and execution of field investigation programs. Michael is experienced in the application of coding and grading assessment standards and has proven knowledge of data processing and asset management software such as Microsoft Access, GraniteNET, and InfoNet.

Ghassan Saket, M.Eng, P.Eng, PMP
Ghassan has extensive infrastructure asset management experience, having successfully delivered various trunk sewer rehabilitation projects. He also has a solid understanding of trenchless technologies due to routine involvement in the development of infrastructure rehabilitation strategies for various sewer asset management programs. Ghassan is experienced in the preparation of preliminary and detailed designs, technical reports, and condition assessments for numerous projects across several municipalities.

Richard Kennedy
Richard is specialized in both GIS science and technology with practiced expertise as a consultant and researcher in both the academic and private sectors. He specializes in ESRI and GPS technologies in a variety of fields including natural resource management, education, and engineering. Richard has extensive experience in information maintenance, in addition to the creation and analysis of spatial and non-spatial data.

Lei (Alex) Ye, EIT
Alex is experienced in the condition assessment of sewers and maintenance holes. He is skilled in the design, development, and maintenance of Microsoft Access and Microsoft Excel based QA/QC applications and ensures that the data submitted to clients is of high quality and accuracy. Alex routinely assists in the development of innovative solutions to inspect complex assets that are difficult to access using traditional inspection methodologies.

Kadin Choi, EIT
Kadin is experienced in preparing technical reports, condition assessments, and data analysis. He co-ordinates with contractors, sub-contractors, consultants, and other technical authorities on condition assessment and pipe cleaning projects. Kadin is skilled in the application of condition assessment standards having performed analysis and reporting for many clients across several municipalities.

Jeffrey Van Riemsdyk
Jeffrey is highly skilled in the planning, oversight, and inspection of difficult to access maintenance hole chambers and pipes. He is experienced in various inspection coding systems and is also a certified CIPP lining installation inspector. Jeffrey also specializes in supervising work sites for quality control and safety compliance.

Oliver Lam, PMP
Oliver has proven experience in sewer rehabilitation, water pipe installation, and sewer inspection and condition assessment involving heavy construction methods such as pipe jacking and tunneling. His long-standing project and operation management experience is complemented by his knowledge and deployment of a wide range of inspection and rehabilitation equipment and techniques. Oliver is skilled in the set-up, organization, and execution of field activities including the management of sub-contractors and work release assignments.

Anthony (Tony) Naylor, James (Jim) Pridmore, and Stephane Cobey
Our inspection crew has extensive operating and inspection experience directly related to both local sewers and large diameter trunk sewers. During their careers, they have worked on projects around the globe — from the UK to France, to Portugal, and all across Canada. They are skilled in the set-up and oversight of inspection sites and have the ability to organize the inspection of difficult to access maintenance hole chambers and pipes. The crew is experienced in the deployment and operation of a wide range of inspection equipment, including large and small crawlers, floating rigs, CCTV, pan and tilt CCTV, Sonar laser profiling, and Lidar equipment.

Nabil Asta
Nabil has significant experience in construction contract administration and site inspection. He is familiar with the design and installation of various trenchless rehabilitation techniques. He is also highly skilled at addressing public relation issues associated with construction and ensuring proper communication between contractors, clients and the public. Nabil is a certified CIPP and MH rehabilitation inspector.

Mohammed Afana
Mohammed has significant experience in construction site inspection. As a certified CIPP and MH rehabilitation inspector, he has proven experience in overseeing contractor activities on various trenchless sewer and MH rehabilitation projects using CIPP and spray-lining techniques. Mohammed is also familiar with different civil construction works including sewer and MH replacement, culvert replacement, retaining wall installation, channel restoration and slope stabilization.

Mohammed Ebrahim
Mohammed has significant civil design and management experience in large-scale civil infrastructure projects both internationally and locally. He is familiar with the design and installation of various trenchless rehabilitation techniques and is a certified CIPP and MH rehabilitation inspector. Mohammed is also highly skilled at addressing reported construction issues and effectively resolving public concerns.

Alex Thai
Alex has significant experience in site inspection. He routinely oversees contractors performing various sewer inspection, flushing, reaming, and robotic cutting activities. He is also familiar with different sewer rehabilitation techniques including CIPP lining, and sewer and MH spot repairs. Alex is also proficient in sewer and MH condition assessment and reporting.

Romano Del Tin, C.E.T.
Romano has significant Public Works experience including water, wastewater and roads operations, development design reviews and approvals, infrastructure planning, and operating and capital budget development. He is skilled in working with industry suppliers to identify new technologies and assist in the selection of emerging rehabilitation techniques. Romano has a strong passion for establishing and nurturing mutually successful business partnerships.