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Project Description

Asset Inspection & Condition Assessment

case study: MACP level 2 condition assessments

City of Peterborough, Ontario

The City of Peterborough is located 125 kilometers northeast of Toronto, with a population of 81,000. In 2015, (A.E) was retained to inspect and condition assess 7,000 maintenance holes within the city’s sanitary and stormwater sewer system. The activities performed by A.E in the program include:

  • Inspection planning and mapping
  • Panaramo 3-D Scans of maintenance holes
  • MACP level 2 detailed coding and condition assessment
  • QA/QC

Prior to inspection, A.E utilized GIS spatial data of the existing sanitary and stormwater system to provide our subcontractors clear inspection plans, maps, and means to inspect difficult to access maintenance holes. When managing large-scale inspection projects, the large inventory of manholes is broken down to small, discrete work packages (“release”) based on geographical location. This approach allows the management of the activities to be more efficient, ensuring timely delivery of inspections and avoid delays.

Full 360° horizontal and vertical manhole imaging via Panaramo technology was used for all of the inspections. Detailed level 2 MACP condition assessments were provided for all 7,000 maintenance hole inspections by our in-house PACP/MACP certified technicians. Inspection data and condition assessment results are checked by automated queries to ensure the completion and accuracy of the deliverables. In addition, an experienced third-party PACP/MACP auditor reviews the MACP coding to ensure condition assessment results are consistent to NAASCO standards.

Project Details

client: City of Peterborough
date: 2015 to Present
Project management, inspection planning and mapping

Panoramo 3-D Scans of 7,000 MHs

MACP level 2 detailed coding and condition assessment

value: ~$,875,000