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Project Description

Asset Inspection and Assessment

case study: sewer network assessment program

Regional Municipality of York, Ontario

The Region of York (population 1,000,000) is located north of Toronto. The York-Durham Sanitary Trunk Sewer System (YDSS) includes approximately 150 km of large diameter trunk sewers and 1500 maintenance holes (MH) and specialty chambers. was retained in 2014 to carry out a multi-year, phased sewer and maintenance hole inspection and condition assessment program to meet long term planning needs and objectives.

This multi-year program included the following activities:

  • CTV inspection of approximately 91,000 m of sewers (up to 2750 mm diameter)
  • 360˚ view inspection of some 553 manholes and chambers
  • Provisional Multi-Sensor Inspection (MSI) using laser, Sonar and CCTV, cleaning and flushing activities
  • Project management and control reporting

All inspection services and other field investigation services over the duration of the inspection program was provided by This included regular and on-going co-ordination activities with York Regional staff and other related authorities. In addition, the firm compiled, analyzed and evaluated inspection findings; identified trends and prepared detailed annual inspection reports. These later reports provided the basis upon which annual budget updates were prepared.

All inspection findings were reviewed and translated into condition ratings based on the well known WRc five state condition rating scheme. All data was generated and compiled based on WRc standards. An overall condition assessment mapping system was developed and compiled in a Trunk Sewer Condition Assessment Atlas at the end of the program. This Atlas is used by the York Region for ongoing planning and project programming.

Project Details

client: Regional Municipality of York
date: 2014 to present
Trunk sewer and MH inspection

MSI, flushing, and cleaning

Infrastructure assessment

Database development

Rehabilitation planning and programming
value: $1,970,000