Competitive Advantage specializes in the assessment and performance evaluation of sewer systems ranging from small local sewers to large diameter trunk sewers. These services are supported by an extensive range of field services and inspection techniques. In fact, the unique strength of is the ability to plan and execute safe and effective sewer and MH inspection programs. has completed projects in trunk sewers ranging from 900 to 4000 mm in diameter under high flow conditions, often with high velocities and always with no opportunity for de-watering or flow diversion. Over the years, we have developed a wide range of techniques and safety protocols for working with the challenges presented by sewers — especially under live operating conditions. A.E provides highly-trained operators that have performed this type of work for more than 20 years throughout Canada and Europe. Recent work has included the inspection of the 35 km Mid-Toronto Interceptor Sewer which involved difficult access from offset specialty chambers that were 25 to 30 m in depth and sewer segment exceeding 1,450 m.

A.E has helped municipalities which collectively manage over 25,000,000 m of sewers, with over 100,000 maintenance holes and chambers, and nearly 1,000 siphons and has assembled an extensive database of industry standard inspection results for small and large diameter sewers. Using this database we can provide statistically based, reliable advice on the condition of a client’s assets and identify realistic needs for short and long term improvements. Our data management team has well-established approaches with a proven track record of handling large volumes of data. Information can be uniquely tailored to provide a specific data management solution that satisfies the client’s specific needs.