Our Services

Andrews.engineer provides consulting engineering services and inspections services related to sewer asset management. This includes:

  • A range of specialized engineering services including planning, analysis and design assignments
  • Inspection services including conventional CCTV sewer surveys, large diameter trunk sewer surveys, Sonar surveys, MH and chamber investigations and inspection tasks tailored to unique project requirements.


  1. Asset and Data Management
  2. Data quality management
  3. Data management platforms
    1. InfoNet (Infrastructure Management System) specialist
    2. Customizable to suite specific client needs
  4. GIS
    1. ESRI platform
    2. Infrastructure networks visualization
    3. Geo-spatial mapping solutions
    4. Traditional MS Access database management and data control
  5. Design and Analysis
    1. Structural analysis, evaluation and planning
    2. Linear infrastructure assessment and performance evaluation
    3. Corrosion, ventilation and hydraulic – monitoring and analysis
  6. Sewer and MH Rehabilitation planning and design
    1. Network rehabilitation planning
    2. Rehabilitation planning, programming, design and innovation
    3. Detailed design and tendering
    4. Construction administration and site supervision
    5. Operations and maintenance planning


  1. Sewer inspection
    1. High resolution, digital pan-and-tilt camera system
    2. Umbilical cables and rigging for up to 1,800 m single deployment surveys
    3. Inspection of pipe sizes ranging from 200 mm to over 4000 mm
    4. Deep access (> 50 m) and long tunnels (> 1,800 m from MH to MH)
    5. Sonar surveys with high frequency, high resolution digital equipment
    6. Real time merging of CCTV and Sonar imagery
    7. Precise Corrosion / Debris measurement
    8. Completely submerged inspection — Outfalls / Siphons
    9. Confined space entry — walk through inspection
    10. Non-destructive Test for comprehensive condition assessment
  2. Maintenance hole and chamber inspections
    1. Specialized man-entry inspection techniques
    2. Confined space entry and rescue programming
    3. PANORAMO Technology
      1. 360˚ pan and zoom scanning technology
      2. Generates 3D view of structure with measurement of key attributes
    4. Drone surveys — specialized technology capable of below ground flights (GPS not required)