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Increased population growth and aging infrastructure require an asset management strategy that is fiscally and environmentally responsible. The goal of this strategy is to extend the service life of infrastructure and thereby support economic growth and preserve a high quality of life. Andrews.engineer is a consulting civil engineering company specializing in sewer asset management. Founded in 1993, the firm has worked with clients throughout Canada and around the world. We have extensive experience and involvement in all stages of sewer asset management. The company first led the introduction of specialized trunk sewer inspection and evaluation techniques, including Sonar and long survey lengths, especially under live conditions without diversion or by-pass pumping.

Our team has evolved its expertise in sewer asset management over the years, including the collection and establishment of sewer inventory data, the management of large scale sewer and maintenance hole inspection and assessment programs, and the management and design of sewer rehabilitation works. Andrews.engineer manages sewer remediation projects holistically thereby minimizing our clients’ related resource requirements.

Andrews.engineer also has extensive experience managing and coordinating large contractor teams. Based in our central Canadian offices located in Toronto and Ottawa, A.E has expert teams for the following areas: sewer inspection, data management, rehabilitation design and project management. With a focus on the latest technological innovations and approaches, we provide our clients with the most cost effective solutions while maximizing efficiencies.

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