Trenchless Sewer Rehabilitation

case study: corrugated metal storm sewer rehabilitation

The City of Mississauga’s Transportation and Works Department is responsible for the operation, maintenance, and overall rehabilitation planning of municipal storm water facilities. In August 2018, The City awarded a contract to the (prime consultant) and R.J. Burnside team for engineering services related to the detailed rehabilitation design and contract administration for a number of corrugated Metal Trunk Storm Sewers (MTSS). The scope includes the rehabilitation of six (6) deteriorated MTSSs, a failed valley slope, and one (1) scoured open channel with a collapsed culvert crossing.

The project included the following activities:

  • Identification and development of rehabilitation and replacement options for storm water assets which include 6 corrugated metals storm sewers up to 2100 mm in diameter and a 2400 mm inlet structure
  • Development of slope stabilization, natural channel restoration, and culvert replacement strategies
  • Carrying out geotechnical investigation and hydrological/hydraulic analysis
  • Preparation of detailed cost estimates, design reports, construction drawings, and contract specifications for the rehabilitation, replacement, and restoration works
  • Providing tendering, contract administration, and post-construction services

Project Details

client: City of Mississauga, Ontario
date: August 2018 to June 2021
Rehabilitation planning and detailed design

Slope stabilization and overland flow

Natural channel design and restoration

Hydrological/Hydraulic analysis

Geotechnical investigations

Permitting agency approvals

Construction cost estimation

Contract preparation, engineering drawings and specifications

Contract administration, site inspection
and post-construction services