Risk Management and Emergency Planning

Andrews.engineer has provided risk assessment and emergency planning services specifically related to major trunk sanitary sewers and interceptors. We have worked with municipal clients to undertake detailed structural and operational analysis to identify and quantify risks, evaluate potential consequences of system failure, develop short term emergency response plans, and provide detailed designs of back-up systems

Client: City of Toronto
Sewer: Coxwell Sanitary Trunk Sewer; 2550 mm diameter, concrete lined tunnel (see photo)
Date: 2009 – 2011
Risks and Issues: Severe structural distress, 300 m downstream of MH at 50 m depth; risk of total collapse and sewer blockage
Services Provided: Repeated sewer monitoring, preparation of emergency response plan; review of internal repair options and repair planning
Client: Metrolinx – Eglinton Scarborough-Crosstown LRT (Toronto area)
Sewer: Various local sanitary, combined and storm sewers, including sanitary trunk sewers
Date: 2012 – ongoing
Risks and Issues: Potential subway construction impacts on sewer systems; consequences of deteriorated sewer infrastructure on tunnelling plans and schedule
Services Provided: Pre- and post-construction inspection and monitoring; preparation of risk management strategies and emergency response plans
Client: Region of Peel
Sewer: Fletcher’s Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer; 900 mm sewer up to 25 m deep
Date: 2005, 2006
Risks and Issues: Post-construction structural damage due to rock squeeze and bedding issues; risk of rapid structural deterioration leading to collapse
Services Provided: Emergency response plan; design and coordination of stand-by by-pass system; 24/7 monitoring and response
Client: Toronto Water
Sewer: Highland Creek Sanitary Trunk Sewer
Date: 2010
Risks and Issues: Partial collapse and blockage; potential for overflows; structural damage due to infiltration-induced bedding washout and pipe settlement
Services Provided: Investigation of location, extent and cause of distress; preparation of repair options, assistance with by-pass pumping planning; site coordination
Client: City of Toronto
Sewer: Low Level Interceptor; 1350 mm concrete and brick interceptor sewer
Date: 2012
Risks and Issues: Structural damage including puncture during construction of adjacent underground subway station extension
Services Provided: Inspection, ongoing monitoring; follow-up inspection and review of completed repairs