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Class is Finally Back in Session! A.E Brings Back Municipal Training Days for 2023

It’s been a long, strange trip since March 2020. But thanks to life finally returning to normal (more or less) A.E was thrilled to bring together clients and vendors once again with the return of our annual Municipal Training Days! From February 14-16th, 2023, we were happy to return to form by hosting this [...]

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A.E Introduces our (not so) New General Manager

Summer is here at long last and Canada Day was a celebration for the nation. But now has something all its own to celebrate! A.E would like to announce that Cloud Zhang has been appointed to serve as General Manager. Cloud, a longtime A.E employee, has progressively and effectively been handling much of [...]

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A.E goes to Dubai – Trenchless Middle East 2019

After our successful winter seminar, escaped snow-bound Toronto to bask in the Dubai heat at Trenchless Middle East 2019. Ghassan Saket and Romano Del Tin presented to an appreciative international audience during the event, which ran from February 18th-19th. They spoke to the challenges, processes, and results of assessment and rehabilitation work on maintenance holes [...]

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A.E Classes it up Again – 2019 Sewer Assessment and Rehab Seminar

Despite the deluge of snow, ice pellets and freezing rain, A.E held its second annual Sewer Assessment and Rehabilitation training seminar last week. From February 12-14th, municipal employees from across southern Ontario and vendors from around the globe joined for three sessions of demos and presentations. This year, our focus was on Maintenance [...]

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A.E goes Fact-finding in China

Ted and Mark recently returned to A.E from a 15-day fact-finding mission in China and Hong Kong. Their goal: to gather inspection and rehabilitation standards. Plus, investigate evolving techniques that could help form new approaches and add value to projects in Canada. Their journey began at the 9th Annual International Conference on Pipelines and Trenchless [...]

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Pipelines Conference 2018 – A.E goes Local decided to stay close to home this past July. From the 16th-18th, we exhibited at the ASCE Pipelines 2018 Conference ("Revitalizing Global Underground Utility Infrastructure") in Toronto. This premier Utility Engineering & Surveying Institute (UESI) technical event was the first UESI international conference to be held in Canada. Its programming consisted of over 180 peer-reviewed papers [...]

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