Earlier this month we headed back East to attend this year’s Trenchless Asia in Kuala Lumpur. Over 100 companies exhibited from 30+ countries around the world. The conference was heavily focussed on CIPP for both pressure applications and drinking water. However, condition assessment and rehabilitation of maintenance holes was also a big topic of discussion.

Ian Ramsay, with Andrews.engineer, chaired one of the conference sessions on CIPP. This was attended by over 150 people from Malaysian and Chinese water companies.

Over the last few years, South East Asia and China have experienced large growth in trenchless waste and stormwater projects. And, as is often the case, increased demand can lead to increased advancements. Since municipalities are always interested in understanding available technologies and new innovations, A.E supported this event not only to stay on top of the latest industry developments. We did it to support our clients as they search for the best solutions to suit their needs. And the needs of their communities.

Next stop on our mission: TRS 2018 in London, Ontario. See you there!