A.E recently celebrated its 25th Anniversary in sewer asset management. How? By building upon our long tradition of client education. Weve always recognized the value in helping clients better understand asset recommendations — allowing them to make best-informed decisions regarding their own systems. So, with an overwhelming demand for local and easily accessible educational opportunities, Andrews.engineer envisioned and recently completed construction of an ambitious, full-scale trunk sewer training facility and classroom at our Toronto location.

From February 13th to 15th of 2018, this new facility was used to host a mid-winter, climate-controlled training opportunity for over 50 of A.E’s municipal clients. Daily ‘live’ demonstrations enabled attendees to witness (and touch) some of the latest developments in sewer and chamber inspection technology (Panoramo, 3D Faro Laser Scanning, CCTV/Sonar/Laser), as well as the latest sewer, lateral and maintenance hole rehabilitation products and techniques (including UV cured CIPP, trenchless lateral spot repairs, top hat installations, maintenance hole sealing and mechanical cleaning).

Since the three days were such a success, weve got plans for more live in-house training down the pipe. Watch out for news of future sessions…coming soon! Until then, we’d like to thank our great group of clients for being so engaged in the entire experience. And the terrific team of vendors that helped bring the whole event to life, including Pipetek Infrastructure Services, Source One Environmental (S1E), IST, Saertex multiCom, LP, and Fernco Connecters, LTD.